To Be Decided...


To Be Decided...

An exploration into the impact of choice in Graphic Design. This publication contains two parts, an analogue interpretation of InDesign and supporting research.

As Graphic Designers, we are essentially decision makers, constantly making visual decisions in order to create a new piece of work. With an influx of options and decisions to make that only continues to increase, what toll does this take on the creative process?

The current view of Western society is that choice is an integral part of freedom and freedom is an integral part of wellbeing. So, by increasing the amount of choices, you are increasing the amount of freedom, and therefore increasing the amount of wellbeing, right? This seems logical. However, our brains do not necessarily agree. Psychological studies have revealed that humans love having options but hate making decisions. When we are faced with too many decisions, rather than feeling a sense of liberation, we instead have a tendency to feel a sense of paralysis. 

This assignment aims to explore whether increased choice helps or hinders creativity and the design practice. What would occur if you were to strip design back to its core? What would happen if you completely removed the possibility to undo something? This project seeks to redefine the relationship between a designer and their design by creating an environment that encourages trial and error and experimentation in a completely analogue form.

This project was awarded a distinction in the 2017 AGDA Awards.